Hi, I'm a web developer based in Rennes. I lived in Le Mans, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Bruxelles and now Rennes. My preferred stack is NodeJS, any databases, GraphQL or REST, React, SASS.

I like creating games during my free time since 2013. I experienced SDL2 (C), Unity (C#), Impact (JS), Pixi.js (JS), XNA Framework (C#), libGDX (Java), GBDK-2020 (C) and never complete any project cause of missing skills to make creative items (spritesheet, background, ...) and the lack of motivation to train this kind of skills. I'm a programmer and this is what i like.

Since some years, I bought old computer / consoles. I think that I'm looking for to be closer to the machine in terms of code. Today I'm coding in Javascript in my job and Rust during my free time.

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