Progressive Web Applications

In 2023, I discovered dumb phone mainly based on html,css and js. Not as dumb as a Nokia 3310. This leads me to the way of PWA : Progressive Web Apps. If I have to define what it is in a few words, it will be : An installable and offline-proof web application. So my idea was to make some easy to code games and an application to reference these games (like a store).

All the magic is in two things workbox (generate service worker to keep api data in cache aka offline-mode) and manifest.json (meta information about your application to be installable or not). All the following personal projects applications are naive implementation but working samples.

Tic Tac Toe

The eternal simple game to code and play. The easy mode is too easy, the medium mode is too easy and the hard mode is impossible. At least, this makes one PWA application in my purse.


I will not lie, I'm little proud about this one. It's quite responsive, hanafuda (cards) are beautiful and the game is working. I mean, you can feel some fun playing it. That's a good point, isn't it ?

Wordle (unfinished)

This one is a bit more complex game to make but quite interesting. The upside, it supports internationalization, the downside, it has only french words. If the word is correct, pat yourself on the back because the game will not.

Progressive Web App Store

Finally the application "store". A bit of React, one json file and it works.


Content also available on gemini://

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